Scooter Weekend

Written by Kevin Little
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A scooter weekend is a great way to relax! After all, you drive to work all week, and for that you probably need to use your car. Scooters are great, but they are not the ideal transport for the morning rush hour.

After all that time in a car, why not give yourself a break--never mind a treat! A scooter weekend can be just the kind of relaxing respite you have been looking for. No more time inside a car for this week!

Plan Your Scooter Weekend

For the scooter that suits your style best, you'll have to look over the different kinds of motorized scooters that are available. You'll have to sort between a range of gas and electric scooters to find the one that's right for you. The more options, the better chance of finding that perfect scooter!

If your going to use your scooter for the occasional weekend errand or visit, then electric is a great option. Clean and efficient, these scooters will get you where you need to go with a minimum of effort and pollution. If you're looking to take longer trips, a gas powered model may be for you due to the increased range.

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