Sea Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Sea scooters are the ultimate water accessory. These mini scooters guide you around, under and through the water at a relaxed, steady pace. What better way to enjoy the wonders that oceans and lakes have to offer?

These small wonders are compact and surprisingly powerful. They can run for up to an hour in their liquid environment, pulling you along at a breezy two miles per hour. That's a lot of fun for a small package.

Sea Scooters: What to Do on Land?

Of course, sea scooters aren't going to do you a whole lot of good when you run out of milk back in your apartment. For that, you'll need a machine more suited to your normal terrain. An electric scooter can be a great aid to you on land, whizzing you around as if you were floating!

Of course, that's air you'll be feeling on your forehead, not water. But don't fear--electrical scooters won't harm that stuff you need for oxygen. These little land rovers bounce along without leaving the faintest hint of smog in their wake.

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