Backup Parking Sensors

Written by Josh Dodes
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In recent years, backup parking sensors have become a more prominent part of the vehicle safety landscape. After all, every 1.6 minutes, an American gets into an accident while backing up. The only surprise is that it has taken so long to do something productive about it.

Fortunately, that is precisely what a handful of innovative developers have done. By making backup parking sensors easier to install and more expensive than ever, they have made the choice to use these sensors an easy one. With so much on the line, that is good news for drivers everywhere.

Finely Tuned Backup Parking Sensors

The new breed of parking sensors works in finely tuned gradations. By dividing the space behind your car into zones, these sensors can produce a beep that rises in pitch as your car approaches another object. That means that you can back up or park with 100% confidence.

Thousands of cars every day of repaired for damage that occurs when the car is in reverse. Now that the best solutions are so affordable, there is no reason to risk becoming a statistic. We encourage you to explore our educational links, and to make a decision that makes sense for your vehicle and your safety.

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