Driver Safety Tips

Written by Josh Dodes
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One item which is often left off of otherwise comprehensive lists of driver safety tips is the issue of impossible-to-see areas while backing up your car. WHile this may not seem at first blush to be a substantial issue, the troubling fact is that every 1.6 minutes, another American driver backs into a collision that he might have otherwise avoided. Considering that these collisions often include children and other people, the seriousness of this issue cannot be overestimated.

Fortunately, a handful of innovative manufacturers have recently stepped up to fill this tricky gap. By creating a new generation of backup sensors that are both easier to install and more effective than ever before, these manufacturers allow you back up with a level of confidence which is unprecedented. Best of all, this level of confidence now comes with a price tag far more affordable than you may imagine.

Key Driver Safety Tips

Any list of key driver safety tips needs to include the danger of children playing around or behind cars that are backing up. The new generation of sensors addresses this issue in a finely graduated way. Using microcomputers to judge precisely how far your car is from a person or object behind it, these sensors can alert you instantaneously when you or a child is at risk.

With the right tools in hand, you can ensure that you never get into an accident that you can avoid. After all, there are enough dangers on the open road that you cannot predict. Do not let a danger so easily eluded become part of that list.

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