Parallel Parking Tips

Written by Josh Dodes
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Even drivers with experience and armed with the most useful parallel parking tips cannot overcome the substantial blind spot directly behind their cars as they back up. Sure, you can make educated guesses, but with thousands of avoidable collisions every day that occur while drivers are backing up, are you willing to be the next statistic? Without the right tools in hand, even the best parallel parkers must acknowledge that they are flying blind to a certain extent.

Happily, there is a new solution to this old problem. A handful of the most innovative vehicular safety manufacturers have recently brought a line of backup proximity sensors which are easy to install, highly affordable, and incredibly effective. Guesswork no longer needs to be a part of an already difficult process.

Better Than Parallel Parking Tips

Better than parallel parking tips or even experience is the certainty that these new sensors can provide. Using proprietary technology and embedded microcomputers, these backup sensors provide instantaneous information about how close you are to anything behind you. Using beeps that rise in pitch as you approach the object, these sensors enable you to be in complete control as you inch backwards.

Parallel parking doesn't have to involve fender benders or worse. If you know where to turn, in fact, parallel parking can become easier and safer than you may have thought possible. That's good news that all drivers can use.

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