Parking Bay Sensors

Written by Josh Dodes
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When your vehicle's safety is on the line, a tool as practical as parking bay sensors can make a world of difference. The fact is, no matter how slowly you may be driving, all drivers have a significant blind spot directly behind their car when they are backing up. Even the most experienced drivers can use help.

Thankfully, a small handful of manufacturers has recently brought a new generation of parking bay sensors to the market. These new sensors are both more affordable and more effective than any of their predecessors. Designed using proprietary technology, the best new sensors can provide an unprecedented level of confidence when you are backing up.

Finely Calibrated Parking Bay Sensors

The best new backup sensors are finely calibrated using embedded microcomputers. That means that you not only know when your car is approaching an object, but just how close you are to that object. Best of all, you receive a clear, accurate sense of the distance in real time.

The top new sensors are priced to make it worthwhile from the standpoint of simple convenience. But they are designed from the standpoint of protecting your vehicle in even the most difficult spots. That combination of affordability and effectiveness is a winning combination that you can count on.

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