Parking Lot Safety

Written by Josh Dodes
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As more and more drivers pack their cars into crowded parking lots every year, the issue of parking lot safety has understandably become a more pressing issue. After all, accidents in parking lots occur at a far greater frequency than most drivers imagine. Every 1.6 minutes, an American backs herself into a completely avoidable collision.

Fortunately, thanks to the ingenuity of a few top manufacturers, a new generation of backup sensors has recently come to market. More effective and affordable than their predecessors, these new sensors can make all the difference between an efficient, smooth parking job and a potential calamity. With both personal and vehicular safety on the line, it's no wonder that savvy drivers everywhere have begun embracing this new technology.

Improving Parking Lot Safety

The new backup sensors improve parking lot safety by compensating for the substantial blind spot directly behind the car that even the best drivers experience when backing up. Using embedded microcomputers to determine the precise distance between your car and an object that it is approaching, these sensors can warn you instantaneously with remarkable effectiveness. That means that you can now park with 100% confidence.

Best of all, while these sensors are designed for the most difficult, dangerous situations, they are priced for convenience. Easy to install and easier to implement, these sensors can help even the best drivers into tight spots. You work hard to protect yourself and your car; isn't it time your car helped you do the same?

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