Parking Lot Safety Rules

Written by Josh Dodes
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Even the most comprehensive parking lot safety rules cannot account for every variable. In particular, no set of parking lot safety rules can eliminate the significant blind spot directly behind the car that even the best drivers experience when backing up. With hundreds of cars getting into avoidable collisions in this manner every day, every driver can use some help.

Fortunately, for the first time, it is both easy and affordable to get the help you need. A handful of top vehicular safety developers have recently introduced a new generation of backup proximity sensors that are extraordinarily effective. Designed to help you "see" where you cannot, in real time, these sensors can be the difference between quick parking and a quick calamity.

Bridging the Gap in Parking Lot Safety Rules

To be sure, drivers can and should be at the highest level of alert when parking their cars. The best sensors are not substitutes for common sense and good judgment. Rather, they fill in the gaps between the level of safety you can effect and the level of safety you need.

Experienced drivers everywhere recognize the unique dangers of backing up in a crowded parking lot. Happily, guesswork no longer needs to be any part of the process. If you know where to turn, you can attain an unprecedented level of parking lot confidence today.

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