Reverse Parking Aid

Written by Josh Dodes
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Good judgment and a rearview mirror can take a driver a long way, but only a reverse parking aid can complete your coverage and ensure that parking in reverse is simple and safe. Even using all mirrors, drivers invariably face a significant blind spot directly behind the car when they are backing up. Without a specific tool to help compensate, your car's safety depends at least in part on an educated guess.

The problem is that every day, literally thousands of cars need repair after sustaining avoidable accidents that occur when their driver is backing up, often slowly. There is simply no substitute for certainty, and that is precisely what the best new reverse parking aids provide. Using sophisticated technology to alert you in real time to the distance between your car and an object behind you, these sensors can make a tremendous difference in a tight spot.

Reverse Parking Aids Made Easy

The best new parking aids are exceedingly easy to install and easier still to use. Microcomputers embedded in the sensor system create a warning beep that rises in pitch as you come closer to an object behind you. The result is a level of control that is as attainable as it is necessary.

Parking in a crowded space while in reverse is challenging enough, without resorting to guesswork. Today's solutions mean one fewer variable in a tricky situation. We encourage you to explore these new solutions, and then to make a decision that protects yourself and your vehicle.

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