Written by Jeremy Horelick
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An aeroshade is the perfect example of an accessory that serves dual functions. On the one hand, it's a practical way to screen out the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays and keep the heat out. At the same time, it offers a distinctive look, thanks to its individually styled craftsmanship and elegant gray finish.

Your aeroshade has the added benefit of privacy, for it keeps looky-loos from peering in your rear cabin. More and more folks are adding premium custom products such as DVD players and monitors to their trucks and SUVs as well, so an aeroshade can help create a cinematic environment. There are few things less spooky than trying to watch The Blair Witch Project or Dawn of the Dead in your back seat while daylight is streaming in.

Customize Your Aeroshade

You can leave your aeroshade in its standard smoky color, which blends well with tires, grilles, bike racks, and other dark accents. Or you can paint it to match your vehicle's exterior for an even more customized look. Shades are easy to paint, as their acrylic finishes lend themselves to new coatings, though you'll probably want to have your paint job professionally done, even on such a small accessory.

Better still, there are aeroshades, aerovisors, and other filtering devices made for any make of SUV or truck. Once you settle on a style you like, simply choose your manufacturer from a list and see the options available to you. Many web sites list their Jeep accessories in convenient drop-down menus, making them easy to find and even easier to order.

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