Bug Deflector

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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With names like the Avenger and the Interceptor, it can be hard to take bug deflectors seriously. But just try driving a long stretch of desert highway through the summer without turning your front bumper into a Jackson Pollack of bug guts, and you'll grow deadly serious about deflectors. If you think that scratches and pigeon droppings can be difficult to compound out of your paint job, you've never spent hours scrubbing insect intestines, which can be a decidedly more challenging task.

With an impact-modified acrylic bug deflector you can keep your bumper, fender, windows, and windshields free of mosquitos, gnats, and other mites. This not only helps your vehicle look like a million bucks, but keeps it free of corrosive elements that can destroy your paint job if left untreated. Better still, your deflector is easy to install, thanks to an acrylic foam-tape application that sticks directly on your hood.

A Bug Deflector Not Only Protects Your Investment...

...it looks great while doing so. Deflectors come in dark colors such as smoke or charcoal to meld perfectly with any color paint job. Or, if you'd rather, opt for a clear acrylic finish that can be painted in any shade you desire. Whichever you choose, you'll have every assurance that your deflector won't spoil the custom look you've worked so hard to achieve.

If you've got a limited budget, it can be tempting to pass over a bug deflector for other "higher-end" car and SUV accessories. But if you're spending thousands of dollars on a brand new model, a 100-dollar bug shield is comparably small investment that pays for itself ten times over. So while you're making your "to buy" list of Berber floor mats, stereo components, grille guards, and exhaust tips, consider the value of each purchase, or, rather, what you're getting for what you're spending.

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