Chevrolet Blazer Accessories

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you've just purchased a new Blazer, you have nearly 100 different Chevrolet Blazer accessories available to help you complete your vehicle's look. With such a staggering number of options, there's no reason to fear that your Blazer will be mistaken for the one parked next to you in the shopping center parking lot. In fact, you have every assurance that, with enough custom features, your Blazer will be a one-of-a-kind.

From Xenon headlights to Tweety Bird floor mats, you can choose from add-ons that give your Blazer a high-end appearance or some fun and frivolous touches. There are cargo storage options such as hard-top roof cases and playpen carriers that make moving a breeze. If your son or daughter is heading off to college, consider a KarPack for your roof that lets you safely transport bigger items without taking up precious cab room.

More Chevrolet Blazer Accessories

If you're among the directionally challenged set, a GPS navigation device can bail you out in a pinch. This premium accessory can typically run over 3000 dollars a piece, and that's for a built-in system. Spend half the money and outfit your Blazer with a portable locator that you can take from car to car without compromising on quality.

Other popular Chevrolet Blazer accessories include sun-roof deflectors, tire covers, wiper blades, even pet dividers. One of the best reasons to own an SUV is to give your family friend ample room to move about, stick his or her head out the window (be careful!), and lie down for long excursions. A pet barrier is one of those Chevy accessories that lets your dog or cat have the same luxury experience that the rest of your family enjoys.

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