Chevy Bed Liner

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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You don't sleep on a bare mattress without linens, so why would you load up your Chevy truck without a Chevy bed liner? If you've just purchased a brand new S 10, Silverado, or Avalanche, protect your investment by springing for a bed liner that keeps corrosive chemicals and sharp-edged materials off your paint job. A bed liner is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your Chevy truck looking sharp, even when you're hauling a ton of bricks, lumber, rocks, or solvents.

Made from Nyracord rubber, the Chevy bed liner is guaranteed to stand up to the harshest treatment you can administer. Throw your Waverunner or Vespa in the back of your truck with all the confidence in the world. Or stow your lawnmower and other landscaping equipment on your flatbed and take it with you to customers' homes. Then, once you're done, load it back up with the peace of mind you deserve from your quality bed liner.

Chevy Bed Liners with Logos

You can order your liners emblazoned with the Chevy logo, just to show your pride in a well-made American-manufactured product. The Chevy logo is a symbol of American automotive excellence. By showcasing yours, you demonstrate your support not only for Chevrolet, but for keeping jobs here in the States at a time when a greater number of consumers are buying their cars from overseas automakers.

A bed liner may seem like a trivial Chevy accessory--until, that is, you save your truck from potentially damaging compounds that can strip paint and stain your flatbed. Even if you plan on giving your pickup the rough treatment, you'll get greater mileage out of it by taking a few basic steps such as lining your bed with a non-slip chemical-resistant surface. Best of all, your Chevy logo bed mat is one of the most affordable extras you can buy, making it a fantastic value vis-a-vis other add-ons and accessories.

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