Chevy Marker Masks

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Chevy marker masks let truck owners give all four corners of their vehicles a matched look. Most people have heard of tail-light guards that protect those critical rear lamps from scratching or shattering. What many people don't realize, however, is that the same level of protection is available (and necessary) up front as well.

Chevy marker masks, like tail-light grilles, are slotted to allow for maximum visibility. Your lights are one of your most important safety features on the inside or outside of your vehicle. If they're obscured in any way (or if their bulbs burn out), you're asking for trouble from tailgaters who depend on their visibility for a last-second stop. Even though they shouldn't be following you so closely, that's of little consequence after you've been rear-ended.

More on Chevy Marker Masks

Like any good Chevy accessory, marker masks are functional and stylish at the same time. You can opt for them in black ABS material as well as clear acrylic that can be painted to match any exterior color. Plus, they're carefully molded to fit the front contours of your SUV or pickup, so there's nothing sticking out or otherwise ruining your vehicle's natural lines.

With marker masks, you get a full set of protective guards for a balanced look whether you're coming or going. Like most Chevrolet accessories, masks come fully backed by the manufacturer's warranty and are available in several styles. You may appreciate the lines of a diagonal mask, or you may find the look of a horizontal mask better suited to your truck's overall appearance.

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