Chevy Steering Wheel Cover

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For about the cost of a nice dinner for one, you can add a dash of comfort to your interior with a Chevy steering wheel cover. While this Chevy accessory won't give you an additional 15 miles-per-gallon or 150 more horsepower, you'll feel the difference every time you place your hands on the wheel, which is, er, every time you drive (if you're obeying the law). A leather wheel cover not only gives you a cushioned grip, it protects your wheel from dirt and grime as well.

And just what sort of dirt and grime must you worry about? Aside from the natural oils in your skin, steering wheels must contend with rain and snow that finds its way into your cab, your passengers' beverages (which are known to splatter), cigarette smoke, and other pollutants. Naturally, these take their toll throughout your Chevy's interior, not just on the steering wheel, but it's the wheel that most often goes neglected.

A Chevy Steering Wheel Cover Is Extra Protection

The devil, as is often said, is in the details. Many truck and SUV owners rightly protect their investments in the most obvious ways. These include everything from the standard hand wax jobs to grille inserts and bed liners. But too often those same drivers ignore the smaller details such as their carpets, consoles, and wheels, all of which are just as readily exposed to daily wear and tear.

Perhaps this is because vehicle owners are more pre-occupied with what others make of their ride, which is by and large determined from an exterior point of view. But what about the opinions of those inside the car or truck? This is something worth keeping in mind when it comes time to choose between your Berber floor mats and Chevy steering wheel covers or those Xenon bulbs that look so cool but ultimately offer you no practical benefit.

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