Dodge Logo Bed Mat

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A Dodge logo bed mat achieves several aims at once. Most importantly, it keeps your new Ram or Dakota's bed intact, even through the most treacherous hauls. Sofas, desks, motorcycles, rocks, and mulch pose no threat to your truck, provided it's buffered by a sturdy coat of Nyracord rubber.

Dodge truck owners use their flatbeds for storing industrial tools, chemicals, and (sometimes) human cargo. A non-slip surface such as that afforded by your Dodge logo bed mat keeps whatever contents you've got from sliding around on sharp turns, splashing the rails, and staining or eroding your paint job. For a little over 100 bucks, that insurance comes at a great bargain.

The Secondary Benefit of Your Dodge Logo Bed Mat

For all the safety and cleanliness provided by bed maps, there's another good reason why they're popular truck accessories. The Dodge logo, like that of Chevy and Ford, represents one of America's most important industries, and one that has taken a drubbing in recent years. Overseas competition, de-industrialization, and a sagging economy have all thrown the automotive industry for a loop, sapping it of its once-strong consumer confidence.

A Dodge logo bed mat is a subtle but important way to show your support for American manufacturers vis-a-vis foreign makers. At a time when the U.S. is suffering a tarnished image overseas, it's imperative that consumers take pride in their country's most venerated industry. Even if branded truck and SUV accessories seem trivial to that end, they can be important symbols of quality craftsmanship.

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