Durango Marker Masks

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Durango marker masks give your Dodge truck that imposing edge you're seeking and allow it to stand apart from the crowd. These slotted front-side markers conform to the contours of your Durango and help illuminate the front end while matching the back end. Marker masks were originally designed to complete the "four corners" look begun with tail-light masks.

For some reason, auto manufacturers were content to produce back-end guards, which are great when backing up, but no corresponding guard up front. If you've ever inched forward in a parking garage or a tight space you know how frequently your judgment enters the picture. Even if you're right 99 percent of the time, you'll eventually rub up against a concrete pillar, brick wall, or even another car or truck.

Durango Marker Masks Complete Your Truck

A pair of Durango marker masks is just one accessory you can add to the truck's powerful lineup of specs. Even the ST, the Durango's base model, features a Magnum 3.7-liter V6 engine, styled steel wheels, and four-speed automatic transmission. Step up to the SLT and take advantage of a third-row seat for added comfort, a power eight-way driver's seat, and a host of other truck accessories for the smoothest ride yet.

While you're at it, add a grille insert and bug deflector to your front end for even further style. These features, in their powder-coated black finish, pick up on the marker mask's handsome appearance for a fully integrated look. Onloolers will assume you've paid dearly for a custom job, when in reality you only had the good sense to spend an extra 20 or 30 dollars to polish off your new Durango.

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