Ford Marker Masks

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Ford marker masks are constructed from high-impact ABS plastic to absorb bumps and brushes with other cars as well as scratches from poles and pillars. Parking can be a delicate art form, and even the most careful drivers can shatter a headlight on occasion. But with marker masks you can give your Ford an extra measure of protection.

What's more, your Ford marker masks are designed to accessorize with your tail-light guards for a perfect "four corners" appearance. You'll get sleek styling thanks to your masks' slotted grilles and angular lines, both of which are designed for a fortified appearance. If the original black doesn't suit you, opt for a paintable set of masks instead and customize your own unique look.

Ford Marker Masks Go On Easily

There's no drilling required when fitting your front end with your new marker masks. Simply affix their 3M adhesive backing to the perimeter of your light for an easy fit that's guaranteed to stay put. When it comes time to paint your masks, pop them out and take them to any autobody store that offers spray matching.

It's small accents such as marker masks, aeroshades, and grille inserts that add up to one great-looking vehicle. On their own, each of those parts adds a modest touch to your vehicle. Too many Jeep or truck accessories and you're at risk of diminishing the overall impact of your ride. It's best to choose a few select extras to help enunciate the lines and colors of your Ford Explorer, Ranger, or pickup.

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