Jeep Cherokee Accessories

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Jeep Cherokee accessories put the final touches on the skeletal frame of your new Jeep. Even without its crowning accents, a Jeep Cherokee cuts an impressive profile against the mountain or ocean landscape. That's because Cherokees are the perfect tool for getting to the highest precipices, the lowest valleys, and almost anything in between.

There are Jeep accessories like cargo nets and center consoles that are purely functional and designed to improve the performance of your ride. There are also extras such as exhaust tips and neon lighting that are meant merely to impress. Then there are those Jeep Cherokee accessories that combine the best of both worlds and manage to improve drivability at the same time that they make you look good.

Dual-Function Jeep Cherokee Accessories

This last category includes add-ons such as racing seats, fender trims, and side window covers. Even if you never intend to hit the drag strip, racing seats give your Cherokee a sporty look, combining the standard black fabric with yellow, red, blue, and gray accents. Fender trims, meanwhile, bring striking stainless steel beauty to your Cherokee's wheel wells and boast rubber protectors to keep them from scratching.

Side window covers are useful for screening out the sun's intense beams while adding a sleek and polished look to your Cherokee's natural contours. If you're driving around without a hard top, window covers won't help your case. But, like the majority of SUV accessories, they won't impinge on your own personal style either.

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