Pet Divider

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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As much as you love Fido, Princess, and Duke, he or she can pose a potentially serious safety hazard by crawling into your lap while you're driving, which is where your pet divider comes in. Keep your dog, cat, lizard, or baby Bengal tiger safe in the rear compartment of your truck or SUV with a reinforced barrier that still provides ample room to move about. The makers of pet dividers know how important mobility is in keeping your pet happy, especially on long trips.

Pet barriers come with several key features that let you maximize their use. One is an adjustable gate that expands both upwards and sideways to fit the rear cabin of your truck or SUV. In most cases this will suffice for any cargo space, though in rare instances on exceptionally large vehicles and extension kit may be required.

More Benefits of Your Pet Divider

A lot of car and truck owners are leery of turning their vehicles into prisons with forbidding bars and gates. Fortunately, the manufacturers of pet dividers have aesthetics firmly in mind when laying out their designs, so your rear cab will never look like the back of a K9 squad car. Bars are unobtrusive and blend into any interior space thanks to their low-glare black finish.

SUV accessories help keep you and your family safe in myriad ways. Mostly, they provide you with enough convenience to allow you to keep your eyes and attention on the road, which is the most important way to avoid an accident in the first place. A pet barrier SUV does this by keeping some of your most precious cargo from inadvertently interfering with your ride.

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