Accessible Van Rentals

Written by Norene Anderson
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Accessible van rentals can be found in just about every major city. The rental fees will vary from one location to another. If you are flying to a vacation destination or business meeting with plans to rent a van, do not assume the price will be the same as your local dealer. Always check with the place of rental for an accurate cost.

Make sure the company you choose for accessible van rentals will deliver the van to your location of choice. If you need a driver for the van, you can ask the rental company for recommended drivers. Most towns have drivers available for hire. You definitely want someone with a professional backing.

Accessible Van Rentals Are Nationwide

Accessible van rentals for local use have many possibilities. In some states and with some insurance companies, there is help for individuals with financial difficulty in obtaining the needed transportation. This is particularly important to consider if the disability is work related and a worker's compensation claim is in process. Many insurance companies will cover the cost in order to get the individual on the path to independence.

Accessible vans offer independence for thousands of individuals with physical disabilities. The choices are varied to meet the specific requirements of any type of disability. If given ample notice, most rental companies can get the type of van requested. Options include rear entry or side entry. The type of entry will determine if it is facilitated by a ramp or a lift. Some vans are modified to accommodate drivers in wheelchairs.

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