Buy Converted Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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You can buy converted vans from a variety of sources. You have the option of buying new or used. If you are not certain which way you should go, then do some comparison of prices for the different types of vans online. It is easy to find dealer prices and manufacturer offers from across the nation.

The cost to buy converted vans will depend on the types of adaptive devices installed. One option is to look for a converted van that has been used by a rental company or some special event. Often these are low mileage vehicles and carry the same warranty as a new conversion van. It is important that your warranty includes towing. The equipment on a handicapped accessible van can sustain serious damage if it is towed incorrectly.

Buy Converted Vans after Comparing

Another way to buy converted vans is to find a van that is in excellent condition and meets the requirements for being adapted for handicapped use. Then, have the van converted. It is best to check with the mobility equipment dealer to be sure it meets the criteria. If you purchase the van and then take it to the dealer for conversion, you are taking a risk that you may have just bought a van that is unusable for handicapped adaptation.

If you buy a used conversion van, make sure the converted style has been crash tested for safety. Make sure the ramp or lift will support your weight plus the weight of your chair and an attendant if needed. Consider the parking space needed at home and the room to utilize the ramp or lift. Will the van's total weight capacity allow for you, your equipment, and other passengers? If you carefully watch all the details, you can find excellent values on converted vans.

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