Cargo Van Liners

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cargo van liners are made by several companies, but all are designed to fit snug and tight and protect the floor of van conversions from any number of things. These liners are custom-molded for each van model so the fit is exact. The perfect fit, and the high outside lips and molded edges, prevent spills and debris from entering the area between the cargo van liners and the carpeted floor of the van.

If a drink is spilled, it remains in the easily-cleaned tray until it can be cleaned up. All liners can be hosed off, if necessary, and wiped dry. Because they are designed to withstand tough treatment, they are impervious to such elements as gas, oil, and mud. Take these conversion van accessories on trips to the snow and the tropics--they are unaffected by extreme temperatures.

Protective Cargo Van Liners

Installation is easy, with some models simply snapping into place for stability. All brands have a skid-resistant surface to prevent slips by people, pets and their equipment and gear. Sliding cargo is dangerous, and children riding in the rear section of the van must be kept from losing their footing.

Cargo van liners protect vans from any and all dirty or wet activities. If it's a trip to the beach with wet bathing suits and sandy feet, or a trip to the nursery to haul plants and shrubs, liners keep the moisture and debris in the tray. Fishing gear, muddy hiking boots, snowboards--any equipment can easily be tossed into a cargo area that is protected by van liners.

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