Chevrolet Express Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Chevrolet Express vans are almost identical to the GMC Savana vans; both have received the same modifications in engine size and body design. The Express Passenger Vans and Express Cargo Vans are also full-size vehicles that make them likely candidates for van conversions. Comparable to the Ford Econoline in interior spaciousness, the Express and Savana vans are among the favored conventional vans for conversion.

Chevrolet Express vans have optional all-wheel drive (AWD) and are designated H1500 and H2500. Rear-drive only models are G1500, G2500, or G3500. The half-ton 1500s are available in regular length only. The three-quarter-ton 2500s and one-ton 3500s are manufactured in regular or extended length.

Chevrolet Express Vans Have Many Features

All models, whether passenger or cargo, come with two swing-open rear cargo doors and choice of 60/40 doors or sliding door on the passenger side. Newer models also come with optional 60/40 doors on the driver side. The extent of the voluminous interior is indicated by the seating for eight-12 in the regular length van, and 12-15 in the extended length.

Chevrolet Express vans for cargo have two front bucket seats. The other seats are benches, and they can be removed to accommodate more cargo. Of course, windows on the passenger vans become metal panels in the cargo vans. A 4.3 liter, V6 engine and automatic transmission are standard. V8 engines are also available if more power is required.

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