Conversion Van Accessories

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Conversion van accessories often have both an esthetic and a practical appeal rolled into one handy item. Van grill guards, for example, lend a certain muscular appearance to an oncoming van, but they are intended to protect the grill and hood area from damage. When attached to brush guards over the headlights and a cruiser bar above the grill, the guards present a formidable facade.

Van running boards likewise contribute to the tricked-out look of converted vans, but they also have a solid safety purpose. Children, seniors, the disabled--anyone who might falter or misstep will find the intermediate step provided by running boards very helpful. Lighted running boards provide a clearer surface all along the lower edge of the van to make stepping in and out safer for those who might not have perfect balance.

Multitude of Conversion Van Accessories

Van ramps are an inexpensive alternative to lifts, which are convenient if financial assistance is available to the person using the wheelchair. Ramps come in many different styles, portable and mounted, depending on the preference of the user. They can be used with a side door or rear door on a converted van, and are among the preferred conversion van accessories.

Cargo van liners are a must-have for van owners who carry any gear, equipment, children, pets, gardening supplies, or fishing tackle. These liners are custom-fit for each van model so nothing can penetrate the liner or work its way underneath it. For hauling all things wet or muddy or messy, these conversion van accessories are the perfect solution.

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