Conversion Van Dealers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Conversion van dealers carry a variety of new and used van conversions by major manufacturers. Dealers are often online, enabling consumers to do some easy comparison shopping for models, styles, prices, and delivery arrangements. For those who are unfamiliar with the world of converted vans, window shopping online is an education.

The business of converting stock vans from Dodge, Ford, General Motors, and Chevrolet is an industry that continues to attract consumers who want the most comfortable ride possible. Chosen for a solid chassis, these stock vans are stripped and rebuilt with luxurious comfort, safety, and entertainment in mind. Standard packages include such amenities as cloth shades, rear clothes rods, and central rear heat and air.

Online Conversion Van Dealers

By going online, a shopper can learn the basics of van conversion from conversion van dealers who describe the models they are presenting for purchase. A consumer new to this field would surely be surprised at the host of features each van has, as well as the options that are available to increase the look and feel of comfortable luxury. In fact, converted vans are also called luxury vans, and for good reason.

One van might well have most of these standard features: captain chairs that recline, or are heated, or have lumbar support; quick-release, power sofa with headrests and matching kick board; polyfoam fill and contour-molded seat decks in all furniture. This is just the seating! In luxury vans, interior and exterior features are designed for the contentment of passengers, and conversion van dealers have all these features and more on display on the Internet.

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