Conversion Vans For The Handicapped

Written by Sierra Rein
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Disabled individuals and advocacy groups cheered once conversion vans for the handicapped became readily available for personal purchase in the early 1980s. Conversion vans are those which are custom built to fit the needs of each customer. When it comes to handicapped members of society, conversion vans are incredibly popular and necessary.

For people challenged with mobility, conversion vans for the handicapped are a vital part of their business and social lives. By customizing vans to include dropped floors, lifts, wheelchair glides and hand steering and braking controls, those with issues of mobility can drive themselves without dependence on others. They can lead active social lives, become their own bosses, and drive to work on time and independent of public transportation.

Whether disabled due to illness, an accident, or due to advanced age, anyone can learn how to drive a conversion van. Special training may be needed, depending on the form and function of the van in question. With today's generations living longer in years, there is no doubt that these vans will become more popular and often seen on city streets.

Financing Options for Conversion Vans for the Handicapped

For those unable to purchase full-priced or even used conversion vans, dealers often accept trade-ins, medical insurance financing and veterans programs. There are many leasing options available, as long as proper authorization and paperwork is in order. For businesses, state and federal laws may provide financial aid for employee conversion vans for the handicapped as well.

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