Custom Handicap Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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Custom handicap vans are incredibly versatile and able to be individually fitted to match almost any physical demand. Many people decide to purchase new or used vans and mini-vans and custom recondition it to meet their own standards in safety, comfort and style. In addition to retrofitting them with the latest technologies, luxury items like new carpeting, leather interiors and up-to-date quality audio equipment can also be included.

Before deciding on how to build their custom handicap vans, people with disabilities will often go to a professional evaluator to discuss the types of mechanisms that must be installed in the new vehicles. This evaluator is trained to recognize the physical and mental limitations and strengths of each individual. Based on his or her analysis, the right equipment can be purchased, installed and custom-adjusted to an exact fit.

Some people decide to purchase a used van of a few years or so and equip them with the most recent handicap accessible technologies. This is great for people with special needs who wish to save money, especially handicapped children or parents of young children who are disabled themselves. Unique safety equipment, properly sufficient interior space and custom-built tie-down railings for complete secure chair lock-downs are essential for young kids and can be installed by any company experienced with custom handicap vans.

The Benefits of Custom Handicap Vans

Because vans and mini-vans are extremely popular, it is very easy to find auto dealers who have a large inventory of used and discount vehicles. Wheelchair-accessible van owners often trade in their used vans for an exchange price towards newer models. These trade ins are often refurbished and reconditioned to top quality and sold to customers at a great price with full warranties.

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