Custom Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Custom vans, luxury vans, vans conversions--all are synonyms for taking a stock van from the manufacturer and adding a host of features to create an attractive, comfortable entertainment center. These converted vans use several models from the major manufacturers--Ford, Dodge, General Motors, Chevy--selected for their spacious interiors, reliable chassis, and adaptability.

The Ford Econoline has long been one of the preferred vans because of its voluminous interior. The Dodge Ram Van is used because of its power. GMC and Chevy contribute the Savana and Express. For one reason or another, various converter companies use these models to build comfort vans with a host of amenities.

Custom Vans for Trips and Camping

Most custom vans are not designed for overnight camping because they have no bathrooms, but Road Trek and Pleasure Way produce Class B motorhomes with all the features of home. These camper vans, as they are also called, are not big enough for full-time RVing, but they can accommodate a couple for a lengthy trip. They combine the best of vans, campers, and recreational vehicles (RVs) into a vehicle that is small enough to be maneuverable and capable of being parked anywhere a conventional car can be parked.

Compared to luxury cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), custom vans cost less. They are much more versatile with their fold-down/removable seats, electronics, and technology. Although all vehicles depreciate over time, van conversions hold their resale value better than the other two categories.

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