Dodge Handicap Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are in the market for a new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle, you may find yourself considering one of the many Dodge handicap vans on the market today. The most recent Dodge van to be utilized as an accessible vehicle is the Dodge Grand Caravan, a mini-van that is roomy yet compact enough to maneuver itself through busy streets and parking lots.

Indeed, most Dodge handicap vans are extremely popular amongst persons with disabilities. Recent power and remote technologies have added new options such as powered doors and ramps, a stronger and very reliable suspension system, clip-in seats and 58 inches of headroom. These and other features have added class and luxury to the name Dodge.

Even reconditioned Dodge handicap vans are incredibly popular. Some people save time and money purchasing used Dodge vans and equipping them with all the latest lift and power control technology available. One can even trade in one's old Dodge towards the payment of a new one.

Getting Help Financing Dodge Handicap Vans

The Dodge company provides many different financial programs to help people with disabilities fund their purchase of a new accessible van. Contacting local state and county health departments should help to give you an idea of how your disability qualifies you for dealer funding. Once this is done, you should be able to contact a dealer to discuss the leasing or financial options that are open to you.

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