Drag Racing

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Drag racing isn't just for little guys in little import cars or big block Detroit hot rods. Nothing beats the satisfaction of crushing smaller vehicles as you roar off from a stoplight in a powerful truck. People don't typically think of trucks as drag racing champs, but many powerful diesel trucks with huge torque will disprove them quickly.

Pulling up to a stoplight in your truck is always satisfying. The imperious view over other traffic, the rumble of your V-8, and the knowledge that you can do much more with your vehicle than the other guys are all good reasons to own a truck in the first place. However, smaller cars usually zip away and you're left to slowly build up momentum.

Now Trucks Go Drag Racing

That is all changing very quickly. Some of the recent developments in turbodiesel engines, first from GM, then Dodge, and now with the awesome Ford Power Stroke diesel engines in its Super Duty range of trucks, have made truck drag racing a pleasure. The stock trucks are good, but I recommend looking into performance parts if you really want to make a statement.

Performance chips, microtuners, and programmers are available for most big trucks and they're especially effective on diesels. Other options for increasing your drag racing might include exhaust systems, lowrider suspension setups, and spoilers. Don't be left behind at the green light if you own a truck.

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