Ford Diesel

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Ford diesel engines are unsurpassed in towing torque and usable power. If you are towing with a Chevy Duramax or a Dodge Cummins powerplant, you've probably been intimidated or humiliated as a Ford Powerstroke blew by you on a steep incline. If you own a Ford diesel truck or SUV, you know how good it feels to have more power than the other brands.

The Power Stroke Ford diesel was created not only to pull a load but to pull it well. The 6.0 liter Power Stroke V-8 engine is the most advanced, powerful, and refined diesel available in trucks today. It replaced the original 7.3 liter monster that was a great motor in its own right. The combination of a Power Stroke diesel with the Torqshift transmission with convenient tow/haul mode sets the standard for both big power and smooth refinement.

Ford Diesel Towing Power

Most owners of Ford diesel trucks use their trucks to tow boats or trailers. Super Duty trucks are the standard for towing livestock trailers, racecars, boats, RVs and campers, construction and building equipment, and anything else that is too big of a job for other vehicles. If you want even more power from your Super Duty, you can get it by simply plugging in a performance chip or programmer.

Diesel owners take a special pride in out-pulling their friends and owners of trucks from rival brands. Super Duty trucks are becoming more and more popular as people want to pull more, tow more, haul more--do more. Check out Super Duty websites for the latest Ford diesel truck parts and gear.

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