Ford F-250 Diesel

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Ford F-250 diesel trucks are the standard by which all others are judged. No other heavy-duty truck can match the towing capabilities of the 6.0 liter Power Stroke engine, a 32-valve, direct injection beast of a motor. You will effortlessly blow past other big diesel trucks towing on flat ground or huge inclines.

Recent advancements in diesel technology have made the decision to use diesel motors instead of gas almost a no-brainer. You get more power and huge advantages of more than 100 lb feet of torque with increased fuel economy. And forget about the old days of thick black smoke and deafening noise. The 6.0 liter Power Stroke engine in current Ford F-250 diesel trucks is only a little louder than the gas offerings.

Ford F-250 Diesel Means Power Stroke

Four valves-per-cylinder mean that the Ford turbodiesel is very efficient and very powerful. The 6.0 liter Power Stroke engine is entirely new, not just new combustion chambers over the same old short block. Although the 7.3 liter Power Stroke engine represented major progress when it first appeared, the new engine takes turbodiesels into a whole new league.

If you need a Super Duty pickup truck to tow heavy loads, look no further than the Ford F-250 Diesel range of vehicles. These things are well-bred beasts that will outpull anything else out there and do it all with a smoother ride along the way.

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