Ford F-350 Exhaust Stacks

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Ford F-350 exhaust stacks can give your truck extra power to outpull and outperform everybody else on the job site or on the open road. But the main advantage to exhaust stacks is that they look really cool--just like the upright stacks on big rig tractor trailers. If you want to step up to the ultimate exhaust setup for your Super Duty truck, look into exhaust stacks.

Ford F-350 exhaust stacks are available in different configurations, materials, and styles, so take your time in researching them. I've found that you can order kits to complete your exhaust stacks or go to one of many experienced welders who know how to bend the perfect pipes for your truck. The Ford Super Duty trucks are already some of the meanest looking vehicles on the road, and a set of exhaust stacks increases the shock and awe.

Ford F-350 Exhaust Stacks Options

The first thing to consider when deciding on a set of awesome exhaust stacks is whether you want to go all-out with pure stainless steel. Exhaust systems are widely available in aluminized steel, stainless steel-coated aluminum, and other alloys. Stainless steel offers premium corrosion-resistance, durability, and shine, but it will also cost quite a bit more than the other metals.

I haven't installed a set of stacks on my truck yet, but I'm always psyched when I see a big truck with a set of exhaust stacks. I want to see some Ford F-350 exhaust stacks soon. I can just imagine towers of flame shooting out of them as the Power Stroke V-8 roars to life.

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