Full-size Accessible Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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For people interested in full-size accessible vans, the good news is that there are a whole variety of options to choose from. Full-size vans are incredibly useful for people who have roomy interiors, a lot of engine power and safety in mind. With their high head and foot room space, many different seating arrangements can be custom built, including powered tie-down areas for wheelchairs in both the driver's and passenger's seat areas.

Most major companies who provide wheelchair accessible transportation choose to do so with full-size vans. Hospitals, hotels and retirement homes often provide full-size accessible vans to their clients and customers, while resort towns utilize them to transport guests to and from popular tourist spots. Indeed, without these wheelchair-friendly vehicles, many persons with disabilities would feel left out of a lot of important medical care and vacation spots!

Many of the most popular models of full-size accessible vans are manufactured by the same recognizable automobile companies that build small passenger cars and SUV's. Names like Ford, Daimler Chrysler, and Dodge pop up in major handicap dealer inventories. It is also quite common for people who already own a Ford or Dodge van to custom remodel them to fit their individual wheelchair or scooter needs.

Where to Find Full-Size Accessible Vans

Because of their specialty, and the care that needs to go into individualized steering controls, it is often better to buy any wheelchair accessible van from someone who understands all the physical limitations involved. One can discover many sellers of wheelchair-friendly vehicles on line in addition to reconditioning shops. Many online dealers provide full inventory lists, new and used models, and all the options that are available for custom designs and features.

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