Full Warranty Handicap Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is essential for anyone interested in purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle to seriously consider full warranty handicap vans. This is due to the fact that handicap vans and cars must be reliable and street safe for anyone behind the wheel. A full warranty will help to ensure that the manufacturer or dealer stands behind his or her product and can guarantee proper working order.

Choosing a qualified dealer is the first step towards finding full warranty handicap vans. Make sure that the dealer is a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) or any other company that follows regular standard in vehicle conversion. Ask about the training that the staff has received over the years, especially the experience of the mechanics who perform the actual maintenance and conversion process.

There are many different types of warranties that can be included in any sale. A full warranty includes an adherence to state and local lemon laws, continuing maintenance service and complete repair and part costs in case of a recall. The specifics of each warranty depend on the price of the van, the type of van and what specific custom equipment is installed and any maintenance that must be performed throughout the year.

Following Mandatory Safety Requirements in Full Warranty Handicap Vans

In order to be in compliance with many sales contracts, many dealers of full warranty handicap vans
require yearly check ups and inspections of the vehicle. One must present the vehicle's warranty cards to a professionally trained garage in order to be compliant with the full warranty. This will also keep the vehicle and all its equipment safe and reliable during normal daily use.

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