Fullsize Handicapped Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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Fullsize handicapped vans are great solutions for any person with a disability. Large and roomy, these vans allow for any sized wheelchair to board. They can also be equipped to allow larger wheelchairs to be installed into the driver's seat area.

Many different companies enjoy purchasing fullsize handicapped vans for business purposes. Hotels and resorts use them to transport handicapped or elderly guests to and from the airport or to neighboring tourist spots. Hospitals, elderly care centers, and many other health clinics also may use them for non-emergency transportation of clients and their guests.

Individuals who either use or rely on wheelchairs can benefit from having a fullsize van to drive. Parents will enjoy the extra room they have to store luggage and the proper seating arrangement to drive their children to and from school. And, because handicapped children need to be driven as well, these fullsize handicapped vans can also be great family options.

Conversion Fullsize Handicapped Vans Mean More Inside Mobility

Most fullsize vans include larger head and foot-room, and may be configured to have wheelchair space installed in the driver's and passenger's seats. A number of different lift and storage options are available in addition to steering and braking hand controls. Finally, remote controls, power tie-down systems, leather interiors and carpeting options can all add extra luxury and versatility.

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