Gibson Exhaust Systems

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Gibson exhaust systems are a great way to increase the power output of your truck, SUV, or RV. Exhaust systems include performance headers, mufflers, and pipes. High-quality equipment will increase the horsepower and torque of your truck, giving you the edge in whatever you do with your vehicle.

Gibson exhaust systems give you a big increase in power over the stock exhaust system installed at the factory and exhaust products from other companies. Gibson systems are the standard for truck exhausts and it doesn't hurt that they look great, too. They're even available online now and can be shipped direct to your door.

I've experienced a big increase in towing power and torque after installing Gibson exhaust systems on Ford Super Duty trucks. That's saying something, considering how powerful Super Duty trucks are straight from the factory.

Gibson Exhaust Systems Options

If you want to upgrade one component of your exhaust system at a time, Gibson makes performance mufflers and headers for all brands of trucks. Gibson exhaust system are easy to install--just bolt them on. Don't try out all the other brands before you realize that Gibson is the way to go.

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