Handicap Accessible Vehicles

Written by Sierra Rein
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Without handicap accessible vehicles an entire slice of the population would be struggling for the simple transportation that able-bodied people today take for granted. Our elderly and disabled could not travel from home to work and back again. Children in wheelchairs would have difficulty making it to school on time, while handicap parents would spend a lot of extra time organizing carpools and taxi rides for their own children.

Luckily for the 21st century, their are handicap accessible vehicles that do away with all the problems associated with the past. Today's handicap vans are compact, roomy, and completely driveable by anyone educated in full hand steering, brake and gas controls. Electrically powered ramps and lifts carefully and securely raise the wheelchair to the level of the van floor, allowing independent mobility into the vehicle.

Today's handicap accessible vehicles feature a lot of the same luxuries commonly found in passenger cars. Some include remote controls that take care of opening doors, raising and lowering the lifts, controlling the temperature, and powering electronic seats. Leather and carpeted interiors also add a flair of elegance rarely seen in handicap vans of twenty years ago.

Purchasing Previously Used Handicap Accessible Vehicles

Even if you are unable to afford a brand new wheelchair van, there are many used options to choose from. Several companies can be contacted to recondition a previously owned vehicle to match the custom tastes and physical demands of the current owner. Modern lifts, controls, carpeting and optimized design colors can be added after this.

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