Handicap Van Conversions

Written by Norene Anderson
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Handicap van conversions offer great freedom and individuality for thousands of physically challenged individuals. Almost every model of van can be converted for use with a wheelchair lift or ramp. If you choose to purchase a used van, there are hundreds online to consider.

If you are comparing handicap van conversions to find one to customize, it is a good idea to rent one as close to the one you want as possible. If you cannot rent one, then consider the basics of conversion. Start with a van that is equipped the way you want or need. This includes the size of engine, type of interior, cruise control, CD or DVD player, and any other option that is important to you.

Features of Handicap Van Conversions

Once you have determined the basic model and features, then you should outline the handicap features. Some models do better with side entry and other models make better rear entry vans. A lot of the cost is determined by how much of the underside has to be rearranged to make room for the floor to be lowered. The process of moving the gas tank and fuel lines is quite expensive. Depending on how much of the frame must be cut, the reinforcement required can increase the cost.

Handicap van conversions should meet crash tests for the custom design. Many used vans offer a great warranty. If you are buying new, make certain you have excellent coverage. The ability to add the cost of the conversion to the amount financed makes it possible for many to afford the van without undue stress on the finances.

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