Handicap Vehicle Information

Written by Sierra Rein
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Before purchasing a wheelchair accessible van or passenger car, it is important that you have the best handicap vehicle information at your fingertips. This may include personal data regarding one's own physical limitations and strengths as well as the best safety and customizable options available. With the right information, comfort, safety, financing and mechanical reliability can all be taken care of as soon as possible.

The best handicap vehicle information can be found through non-profit organizations, such as the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) or the State Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation. These businesses specialize in providing the handicapped, veteran and elderly public with up to date information on their rights regarding mobility and transportation. Other sources can be one's personal rehabilitation specialist, as he or she should be able to assess your individual needs and point you in the right direction towards good information contacts.

Finally, of course auto manufacturers and dealers are also on hand to answer any questions regarding handicap vehicle information. An extremely experienced dealer, especially one who is a part of the NMEDA, will be more likely to have hands-on information regarding their personal involvement with handicap vehicles. This dealer's personal daily encounters with disabled customers and their concerns should infuse him with an understanding of many of the details regarding this important purchase decision.

Using the Internet to Find More Handicap Vehicle Information

In addition to the public sites created by organizations such as NMEDA and vocational rehabilitation clinics, there is a wealth of other online information sources on the Internet. Many automobile manufacturing companies offer full pages regarding what models they sell as well as warranty information, pricing guides and custom reconditioning services. Complementing these professional sites are personal community forums that are filled with posts from members ranging from handicapped individuals, parents of handicapped children and rehabilitation professionals.

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