Handicap Vehicle Sales

Written by Sierra Rein
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Handicap vehicle sales are meant to help persons with disabilities find and purchase the best means of transportation for the best price. Because many handicapped individuals are on fixed incomes, and since some conversion vans can be priced up to $80,000, there is sometimes a great deal of difficulty for them to find an affordable vehicle. Luckily, many of these sales are year-round and do not need a special yearly event to excuse a great deal.

There are also many handicap vehicle sales that take place online. By posting information over the Internet, auto manufacturers and dealers can save on advertising and pass their savings directly to the buyer. Some sales can be done through email and online pictures, including ordering direct delivery and warranty options.

Other Options Besides Handicap Vehicle Sales to Save Money

In addition to keeping an eye out for great sales, anyone interested in purchasing an accessible vehicle should look into funding programs and other cost saving opportunities. Purchasing a used "normal" van and modifying it with handicap adaptive equipment can lower the cost compared to a new van. Plus, there are many programs (like those offered by the state's Department of Vocational Rehabilitation) which can help someone pay for the costs of modification.

There are also a number of nonprofit organizations, insurance companies, worker's compensation rights, and manufacturer rebate opportunities that may help financial aid on several handicap vehicle sales. Another good idea is to contact a local tax advisor for information on federal income tax returns and sales tax waivers for persons with disabilities. You can find this information in your state or city phone book, as well as many informational sites on the Internet.

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