Handicapped Accessible Van Info

Written by Sierra Rein
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Before purchasing or leasing a wheelchair-friendly car, it is essential to have the best handicapped accessible van info at your fingertips. Not every handicap van is built for every type of disability. Oftentimes, each van must be chosen on a case-by-case basis and designed to fulfill the needs of each customer and his or her individual desires.

It is a good idea to write down any personal requirements regarding your future accessible van. This information should include the dimensions of your wheelchair or scooter, any specific driving controls you need, the desired number of passenger seats, head and floor room measurements, and any concerns you have for safety. Bring this information to the conversion center of your choice to help the engineers to find you the best van to fit your needs.

Other Sources of Handicapped Accessible Van Info

If you are having difficulties finding handicapped accessible van info, especially regarding financial help and other types of funding, contact your local State or County department of Human Services. Oftentimes, financial help can be given to qualified individuals, including disabled veterans, parents, and government employees. Many MS, MD and ALS societies also have the ability to help individuals with disabilities currently in the process of purchasing accessible vans.

You can find these and other sources of handicapped accessible van info through a number of online web sites. Many advocacy groups for the disabled population have created informational pages detailing an individual's rights regarding personal mobility laws, safety and additional funding sources. The Internet is also a great resource for those interested in purchasing a new or used handicap van, or if they need their own van converted for wheelchair use.

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