Handicapped Accessible Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Handicapped accessible vans provide an amazing array of adaptive devices and equipment that give people with reduced mobility the chance to lead independent lives. Rather than being confined to a house, people with disabilities can now drive themselves around town with confidence that their vehicle is suited to their needs. Specialized companies, such as the Braun Corporation, manufacture adaptive equipment to stringent specifications that are intended to ensure safe, long-lasting use for the disabled.

Van conversions are ideal for use by those with mobility problems because the stock vans are selected for their spacious interior, which is necessary for maneuvering wheelchairs and equipment. Handicapped accessible vans have specialized equipment installed that enable the disabled person to enter and exit and drive the vehicle with assurance. Whether the driver needs special grips, or a wheelchair lift, or power controls, these vans can be outfitted with the necessary devices.

Handicapped Accessible Vans Increase Mobility

Increasingly, handicapped people have demanded the right to lead as normal a life as possible. To that end, they and their advocates have asked for adaptive devices that help compensate for their disabilities. The market responded, and the result is sometimes elaborately modified vehicles, if that is what it takes to permit disabled drivers to function independently, hold down jobs, and provide their own transportation.

Van conversions are renowned for their customized packages, and, when stripped of any factory accouterments, they can be adapted to almost any customer needs. Whether a person needs more room, or an elevated seating position to better view the road, or a lowered floor to facilitate entering the vehicle, handicapped accessible vans can be customized, just as other van conversions are, to meet the needs of the purchaser.

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