Handicapped Accessible Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Handicapped accessible vans offer the thousands of physically challenged the opportunity to work, play, vacation, shop, and go when and where they desire. There are so many options available to adapt a van to be user-friendly for even the most severely handicapped. Some of the options are quite expensive while other options are very affordable.

One of the options needed by physically-challenged drivers with limited use of either arm is modified secondary controls. Secondary controls include the horn, wipers, lights, turn signals, dimmer, door locks, heating and air conditioning controls, cruise control, and power windows. Access to these is often accomplished with a lever or an extension device changing the operation from the right side to the left or vice versa.

Features of Handicapped Accessible Vans

A more technical solution for handicapped accessible vans includes the use of touch pads. A touch pad can be a specialty-switching device that is accessible by the knee, finger, elbow, or other extremity. These are easy to use and can be conveniently located to the most accessible point. A touch pad can accommodate a limited number of routine functions.

For some, the combined use of a lever and touch pad may be necessary. A secondary control for handicapped accessible vans is designed separate from the controls for brake, gas, and steering control. A multi-purpose device can be installed containing the secondary controls and the steering controls. This may be in the form of a special grip for controlling the operation of the steering wheel.

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