Handicapped Equipped Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Handicapped equipped vans offer various means of transporting the physically challenged. A multi-lift is available to be mounted between the sliding door and the front door. It has a sling for comfort in lifting and moving. It will position you into the front or middle seat. The same lift can lift your wheelchair or scooter.

Another option for entering handicapped equipped vans is a transfer seat at wheelchair level on the side of the driver or the passenger. This setup allows the individual to transfer from the wheelchair to the transfer seat, place the wheelchair behind the front seat through the sliding door, and maneuver into the front seat. Remote door control allows for opening and closing the sliding side door. Joystick or alternate driver controls are available as needed.

Many Choices for Handicapped Equipped Vans

Several choices of transfer seat designs are on the market. Finding the right one may be possible only through trial and error. That is why it may be wise to rent before buying. Make sure the investment you make is in the right design of mobility assistance equipment. Your travel should be as unhindered as possible and that comes from matching the equipment with the need.

The 1970s started a revolution of change regarding access by the handicapped to public buildings, transportation, and any place the unchallenged could easily attend. It did not take long for the market to explode with provision and design for handicapped equipped vans to accommodate the disabled. This evolution continues to escalate with new technology for driver controls allowing the most severely challenged the privilege of independence.

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