Handicapped Mini Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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Handicapped mini vans are extremely popular for both personal and business use. Compact and easy to park, these mini vans can nonetheless handle a variety of wheelchair sizes and customized options. These are sometimes more convenient than full-sized handicapped vans and yet can house the same amount of storage space as their larger counterparts.

The best handicapped mini vans can include power door openers, lowered floors to incorporate ramps and lifts, carpeting, enhanced suspension systems and fully operational hand brake and steering controls. One can convert an existing mini van using a number of parts and instructions. Or, one can order directly from a manufacturer who specializes in making handicapped mini vans for the physically disabled or challenged.

Other Options for Future Owners of Handicapped Mini Vans

There are a few special limited edition mini vans, such as the Dodge Caravan Type S, that combine a sporty look with a complete line of powered features. One can choose from either a standard folding ramp or an in-floor ramp that gently slides out from the van's bottom edge. Remote controls add convenience and full operation from inside or outside the vehicle.

Handicapped mini vans can come equipped with powered wheelchair tie-down equipment for the driver's side, passenger's side, or both. Any type of driving and steering controls can be installed, from hand brake and touch-pads to zero-effort steering wheels. And, of course, the best custom paint and leather seating options can also be included for that extra touch of class and style!

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