Handicapped Scooter Lifts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Handicapped scooter lifts can be attached to the rear of a vehicle for transporting. This kind of lift can be attached to the back of a motor home, van, or just about any type of vehicle. The platform is designed to hold about 325 pounds. Platform size can vary from 26 inches by 45 inches to 28 inches by 60 inches.

One of the popular handicapped scooter lifts is a power lift with a rotational base. This lift has the capacity to lift the scooter and power it into the vehicle. An opening of 30 inches for headroom is needed to accommodate the lift and the scooter. Lifts are weather resistant and can be used with trucks as well as vans. Many of the lifts can be mounted as side entry or rear entry. Power lifts will extend from the inside of the van for loading, retract, and automatically park in place.

Different Types of Handicapped Scooter Lifts

Handicapped scooter lifts have straps for securing the scooter. Most can be installed in just a matter of minutes. The external models may require a Class III receiver hitch and some simple wiring. Internal docking devices can facilitate the use of scooters with ease and convenience. Look for the arm range limits of rotation. A range of 190 degrees is a good range.

If your scooter has an exceptionally long wheelbase, it may require the use of a lift with extended rails. Before purchasing any scooter lift, check out the warranty. Some companies offer a one-year warranty on parts with a five-year warranty on the motor. Others may offer only a one-year limited warranty.

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