Handicapped Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Handicapped vans are designed to make life as near normal as possible for the hundreds of thousands confined to wheelchairs or scooters. A trip to the mall or to the grocery store is possible for anyone with the convenience and ease of using a van designed specifically with quality care of the handicapped in mind. The possibility of a side or rear entry gives the options for installing a ramp or a lift.

Remote and manual devices are available for ease of entry on a ramp or lift. The redesign of a standard van transforms dreams into realities for the physically challenged every day. Handicapped vans are available either new or used. It is also possible to have one made to your specifications. The options are many. They can be as luxurious or as simple as you desire. Some choose to lower the floor while others choose to raise the roof to accommodate the height needed for wheelchairs.

Benefits of Handicapped Vans

Often, the cost of the conversion from standard to handicapped can be financed over a specified length of time. This puts the monthly payments in a range more acceptable to most people needing handicap-assisting transportation. Routine equipment available on handicapped vans includes some type of safety restraint for the wheelchair or scooter.

Many of the companies designing vans for the handicapped offer cash reimbursements for people with disabilities when adaptive equipment is installed. Some states offer a sales tax exemption on the purchase of vans modified for wheelchair or scooter access. Make sure to check with your state for any special tax breaks available.

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