Handicapped Vehicles

Written by Norene Anderson
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Handicapped vehicles are available as new, used, or rentals. Side entry or rear entry vehicles are customized to maximize the space needed for ease of access by wheelchairs or scooters. Power ramps make it possible to enjoy the freedom of coming and going without assistance. It requires the floor of the van to be lowered 10 inches to accommodate the height needed for wheelchair access.

The flooring in handicapped vehicles is made of non-skid rubber for safety. The ramp also has a non-skid surface. Some vans have an 8-way power driver seat while other vans have a 6-way driver seat. All of the luxury features such as cruise control, power door opening, remote locking and unlocking, dual heat and air conditioning climate control, and many other great features are available.

More Information about Handicapped Vehicles

Many of the handicapped vehicles come with a limited warranty of seven years or 70,000 miles. The safety of the custom fuel tanks has been crash tested. All vehicles are thoroughly inspected to ascertain the integrity of the vehicle after the conversion process is complete. Safety is in no way compromised for the sake of facilitating the use of wheelchairs and scooters.

The flooring is lowered 10 inches or the roof is raised to accommodate the added height needed for wheelchair use. Vehicles for the handicapped can have either a side entry or a rear entry. There is also a choice of a full size or a mini van. The vans can be as luxurious or as plain as desired. Many companies offer longer term financing on conversion vans than on standard vans to make it more affordable.

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